Somtimes the smallest things can breathe a little fresh air into an otherwise dreary day. Today I woke up feeling groggy, took out the dog and was less than inspired by the rain and giant puddles of slush. The perfect cup of coffee followed by a beautiful Soul Cycle class filled with amazing people lifted my spirits and warmed my heart. Today I am grateful for small moments that make a big difference. Be well my friends. 

February has turned out to be one long and frigid month. We are all sick of the weather. My youngest asked if we could move to Hawaii and honestly, I think it is beginning to sound like a pretty good plan. 

On these cold winter days it is very tempting to dive back under the covers and stay in bed. It is even more tempting when a snoring dog is the perfect hibernation buddy. I have taken these pics of Dopey dog over the past few days. I am very jealous of his beautifully perfected nap anywhere technique. He is one cosy dog on a winter day. Hope you enjoy the pics and are managing to stay warm. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining today. Spring is coming :)

The temperature hit almost 30 degrees today and the sun was out. After the frozen tundra of the last few days, it was practically balmy out. We took advantage of the weather by getting out of the apartment and shaking off some of the cabin fever. It was joyful! Here are the pics of the our walk. Hope you enjoy them. Happy Wednesday my friends! =)







The middle of February is a tough time. The winter weather is never ending, there are tons of flu and cold like viruses floating around and quite frankly the world news hasn’t been very uplifting. We are also many weeks away from those fabulous New Year’s resolutions and goals that we like to set out and plan at the beginning of January. Ho hum.

But… I have been inspired. Sometimes even the smallest of things can be a gentle reminder to be your best self, to get out there, to go big! About a year ago at Soul Cycle I became acquainted with a great guy named Miles. He is full of energy, open to new challenges, ready for adventure, exudes passion and loves life. He has since moved from NYC and I miss his smile and energy that I so looked forward to seeing when I took class at West 77th. (westsidebestside) BUT, the silver lining in all of this is that Miles has a website www.livewhereulive.com where I can visit and read his “thoughts from a unicorn” and can check out his beautiful bracelet designs. Miles latest creation is called LIMITLESS. Mine arrived today. I LOVE it. I have two other bracelets by Miles- The Athlete and Water. I absolutely love the powerful messages behind each of them. When I wear them I am reminded of my potential and to focus on the positive.

Here is the description for Limitless- “The black cylinder bead represents a wheel. Never-ending. No beginning. No end. The blue bead represents the sky. Wide open. Vast. Accented with a ‘GB’, a constant reminder to Go Big! Be Limitless.”

This is exactly the reminder I need for today and always. I am trying to silence those February blahs, and instead focus on all the limitless possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration Miles! Have a wonderful day my friends- sending warmth, love, positivity and some chocolate your way. =)


Winter has definitely found NYC. Over the past week we have had a mix of rain, snow, sleet, slush, ice pellets… You name the precipitation and we have had it. It sure does make for some beautiful city scenes. The city looks pretty darn good in white. Here are a few pics that I have taken over the past few days. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Wednesday and Happy February! Find some time to snuggle and stay warm with the people you love =)
















We were all waiting, waiting, waiting and hoping (some of us anyway) for winter storm Juno to dump an epic amount of snow on NYC. And as you all know, we were disappointed. Our snowfall amount counted as basically a normal winter event. On the plus side, we did get enough snow to cover hills for sledding and beautify the city in white. And the kids had a snow day. Woot!!

Here are some pics from the past couple of days. Snuggling, sledding, slow cooker french onion soup, wine, reading, movies and hanging with family and friends. Who doesn’t love a good snow day? Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Wednesday and Happy Winter!! =)

IMG_8128 IMG_8130 IMG_8131 IMG_8135 IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8138 IMG_8139 IMG_8150 IMG_8147 IMG_8149 IMG_8145 IMG_8148 IMG_8152 DSC01590 DSC01592 DSC01598 DSC01601 DSC01614 DSC01615 DSC01616 DSC01635 DSC01636

So far in NYC, we have had very little snow this winter. Just a few snow showers here and there and barely a dusting to coat the city streets. I know, I know… there is still a lot of winter left and be careful what you wish for and all that… =)

Which brings me to my point. Today has been a damp cold, the kind of cold that you feel in your bones. The kind of cold that the Canadian part of me makes me think that it is going to snow. And sure enough the forecast is calling for some overnight flurries. FLURRIES. I guess that is why there have been THREE snow plows and sanders idling on our street since this morning. Judging by the response from the city (on my street, anyway) we are expecting the snowpocalypse or at least snowmaggedon! Crazy. I am beginning to wonder if they know something the weather people don’t. The trucks are just sitting there at the ready. Don’t they know that the more prepared you are means that not a single drop of white stuff will actually fall from the sky?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! And if the NYC Sanitation guys are right, don’t forget to wear your boots tomorrow ;)

Happy winter and happy snow!!



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