Why, oh why did it take me so long to ride my bike in Central Park? What a rush it was this morning. A picture perfect September day, excellent company, the wind literally blowing through my hair. I am still smiling from the high! Thank you Rena for getting us out there, we did it!

I have lived here for four years but have never taken my road bike into Central Park. I guess I have always been a wee bit intimidated by the idea. As you know, I run and walk in the park all the time and see the cyclists whip by at incredible speeds, usually stopping for no one and occasionally cursing out pedestrians for even daring to cross the street. There is a love/hate between runners and cyclists who are often vying for more pavement space and are not happy when the ‘rules of the road’ are not followed by either group.

So, cycling in Central Park does have many challenges… pot holes, tourists darting out at non-intersections, tourists on bikes weaving to and fro (I get it, there IS a lot to look at!), runners not hanging out in the running path, other cyclists moving at incredibly fast speeds, cyclists who are above the rules of the road (hey, it’s NYC we have to learn to play nicely with others), parks dept. vehicles, regular vehicles, squirrels, dogs off leash, dogs on leash… It is a lot like playing the old video game Frogger.

It was awesome!! I loved every minute, even the Harlem Hill (3X). There really is something about being on a bike in the outdoors, I am so glad that I was reminded of how much I love it. I am already planning the next bike workout. Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you can find a little something that you love to do this week!


And all around the Upper West Side parents are standing online in Fairway, Trader Joe’s, Zabar’s, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Stoopher & Boots, Urban Outfitters, Duane Reade and CVS, frantically getting ready for the first day of school. At least that is what if feels like. I swear the population in NYC has tripled since Monday! I have to admit even though I am no longer teaching, I still get nervous, a little anxious and excited at this time of year. Fall and the start of the school year always feel like a fresh new start, something to look forward to after a summer of relaxation and revitalization.

I have been spending the day getting organized- double checking start times and calendars, sorting school supplies, readying backpacks, tidying the apartment (or at least making sure the girls rooms are somewhat livable) and unpacking my Fresh Direct order so that I can prepare lunches. Yep, it is time to start making the dreaded lunches again. I am also feeling a bit nostalgic. It is our fifth September living here in NYC. Time sure does fly… I can’t believe the girls will be entering grades 4 and 7. Sometimes I just wish time would slow down and I could hold on to their youth for a wee bit longer!

Here is a pic of the ridiculous amount of school supplies needed for each of the girls as well as the boxes from my Fresh Direct order. Sigh… here we go! Wishing you all a wonderful September, fresh new exciting beginnings and success on wherever your adventure is taking you =)


We are enjoying one last day at the pool before we fly home from Orlando tonight. September is looming and I don’t think I can ignore the back to school emails, sales and information for much longer. We have had a fabulous time in Orlando- exploring the Disney Parks, cooling off at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon as well as being thrilled and whirled around on many fast-paced rides and adventures. Each night we have gone to bed sun kissed and exhausted. A successful family vacation :)
Here are a few pics from the past few days. Hope you are all enjoying the last fleeting days of summer. Happy Wednesday!!













We are trying to make summer last as long as possible by enjoying a family vacation in Orlando. It certainly feels like summer here with temperatures topping 100 degrees. So, when I was challenged to do the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS research I was actually looking forward to a little cool relief. Here is a pic of the girls and I about to dump our buckets on our head. It was a little shocking but definitely refreshing. If you are inclined please take the time to make a donation to this wonderful cause. Happy Wednesday! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!!



Today was a day to hang on the couch and watch movies. In honor of Robin Williams we decided to watch a couple of his movies. To be honest I didn’t really want to watch one of the more serious flicks, didn’t really need an excuse for tears. So, I introduced them to “The Birdcage”. Hilarious. And nothing my little NYC kids couldnt handle. ;)
RIP dear Robin, you will be missed. “Oh Captain, my Captain”.


I sit here writing this with my cup of tea, the dog at my feet, sitting in a chair that is overlooking the lake. The sun is fighting to come out from behind the clouds, the wind is gently blowing and the only sound I can hear are the waves lapping on the shore. Perfection.

I love cottage life. I have always loved it. Some of my fondest childhood memories are spending time at my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage on Wood Lake in Muskoka. There is something about the fresh air, trees, lake and pace that are just good for the soul.

Ron, Dopey dog and I are having a much needed relaxing time, doing a whole lot of nothing. Reading, swimming, chasing the ball (Dopey), kayaking, eating, drinking, playing cards, grilling (Ron), chatting (me) and checking out the local town. It is exactly what we needed. Especially Ron who has had a ridiculous work schedule lately.

We are about 1/2 an hour from the girls camp in New Hampshire and I am super excited to pick them up on Saturday but right now, I am going to pour another cup of tea and grab my book. Summer. Life is good.

Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you are finding time to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in your happy place!













On Sunday Ron, Dopey-dog and myself will be heading to New Hampshire for a week long vacation at a little cabin we have rented. Dopey (our city dog) won’t know what hit him. I have a feeling he will take the State’s motto “Live Free or Die” to heart. A lake to jump into, grass to roll around on, sand to dig, little critters to chase… I am not sure we will ever see him again.  But, as per the cabin rules, he will have to contain his freedom somewhat and is required to be tied up in the presence of other people, animals etc. Not knowing how close the other cabins are and if he chases a squirrel if he will ever come back, I made it my mission this week to try and find a dog tie-out in NYC. This is not an easy task, for one, most people do not tie their dogs out anywhere, apartment living and all that and secondly, if they did have such a thing it was for a mere 20 pound tiny dog named Fifi. So I needed to find something that would be worthy of my 100 pound boy. Off to Amazon I went where again I was bombarded with lots of options for dogs that weighed under 50 pounds, these tie-outs were not going to do. Finally I found the perfect thing and it arrived on my door step this morning:


It might possibly be just a wee bit overboard but really, there seemed to be no middle ground and honestly those squirrels need a bit of a head start, right Super Beast????!!!:



Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Hope your day and week are filled with sunshine and ice-cream! xox




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