We were all waiting, waiting, waiting and hoping (some of us anyway) for winter storm Juno to dump an epic amount of snow on NYC. And as you all know, we were disappointed. Our snowfall amount counted as basically a normal winter event. On the plus side, we did get enough snow to cover hills for sledding and beautify the city in white. And the kids had a snow day. Woot!!

Here are some pics from the past couple of days. Snuggling, sledding, slow cooker french onion soup, wine, reading, movies and hanging with family and friends. Who doesn’t love a good snow day? Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Wednesday and Happy Winter!! =)

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So far in NYC, we have had very little snow this winter. Just a few snow showers here and there and barely a dusting to coat the city streets. I know, I know… there is still a lot of winter left and be careful what you wish for and all that… =)

Which brings me to my point. Today has been a damp cold, the kind of cold that you feel in your bones. The kind of cold that the Canadian part of me makes me think that it is going to snow. And sure enough the forecast is calling for some overnight flurries. FLURRIES. I guess that is why there have been THREE snow plows and sanders idling on our street since this morning. Judging by the response from the city (on my street, anyway) we are expecting the snowpocalypse or at least snowmaggedon! Crazy. I am beginning to wonder if they know something the weather people don’t. The trucks are just sitting there at the ready. Don’t they know that the more prepared you are means that not a single drop of white stuff will actually fall from the sky?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! And if the NYC Sanitation guys are right, don’t forget to wear your boots tomorrow ;)

Happy winter and happy snow!!


If driving in NYC is like the game Frogger, then walking is a bit like Temple Run- racing as fast as you can, avoiding obstacles that are in your way and always feeling like someone is racing up behind you. In reality it can be deadly if you are not paying attention. Today I noticed this sign along our daily route and I thought it was a clever way to draw attention to paying attention.


Always watch for the cars my friends, don’t follow the crowd and put the damn phone away. Safety first!! Keep on moving, have fun walking and remember when you are safely across the street, don’t forget to look up! ;) Happy Wednesday!!

There is something very depressing that happens in NYC during the first couple of weeks of January. I will call it the Christmas tree dump. As you walk down the streets, undecorated trees are cast aside to the curb looking bleak and sad. A reminder that the holidays are truly over. Sigh. We are having a cold snap in NYC right now. The temperatures are bitterly cold with a wind chill that makes you wish for the suburbs with garages and heated car seats. So, today, I braved frost bite, took off the gloves and snapped a few pics of the abandoned trees left at the curbs. And then promptly hustled back to the apartment to get warm and snuggle with this guy:


I will try and remain positive and look at the trees as a reminder of a fabulous holiday and to look forward at all of the amazing adventures in the year ahead. And hey, the dogs definitely like all of the trees lying around ;)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Stay warm and find some time for your own cozy snuggles!

IMG_8038 IMG_8037 IMG_8035 IMG_8034 IMG_8033

Here we are, the last day of 2014. Each year has it ups and downs, its highlights, its challenges, things we will cherish forever and moments we would rather forget. So, instead of looking back, I am going to look forward. 2015 brings with it the promise of new adventures, exciting possibilities and as always, the unknown.

I have spent the holidays with family and friends and even had some time to wander the city I love, reconnecting with the energy and excitement that NYC offers. It is during these times that I have found a few moments of reflection. I am truly grateful for the love of family, incredible friendships, continued health and the ability to have so many wonderful life experiences. I look forward to wherever life may take me in the upcoming year.

I have included some pics from the last week, I hope you enjoy them.

Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you happiness and health as you continue your own adventure!

All the best,

S xox












I just want to take the time today to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday. I am looking forward to having time together as a family enjoying some much needed time to simply hang out. There won’t be any snow, in fact it looks like there will be a lot of rain, but this will be the perfect excuse to snuggle in and enjoy each others company. Let the movie and game marathon begin! Here’s hoping that you all find a way to rest, relax and do what you enjoy over the holiday season. Wishing you all much laughter, love, health, happiness and of course, adventure in 2015!! S xox



There are only eight more sleeps until the jolly old elf in the red suit arrives. There are beautiful signs of Christmas all over the city and at this point even the grinchiest New Yorker must find their heart growing at least one size. Here are a few pics I have snapped over the last week as I have been gathering my own holiday spirit and gearing up for a wonderful time with family and friends. Hope you enjoy them!!
Wishing you all a warm and festive Wednesday!! :)













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