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Today on our run in Central Park, we were on my favorite FLAT stretch on the east side of the park when our group noticed the beautiful flowers in bloom lining our route. Apparently this is a stretch from East 85th to 96th street that has been revitalized by the Central Park Conservancy and named Rhododendron Mile. The flowers have been planted and the full effect of the project in spectacular glory will be seen in Spring 2013. I think even this year, it already adds beautiful color to an already pretty amazing park. So now on those gruelling morning runs I will not only look forward to this stretch for it’s wonderful flatness but also for the added bonus of the incredible breathtaking beauty of nature. Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday, S =)

A little peek at the beauty lining the East side.

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Today I ran 10 Miles. This is the longest run I have ever done, in my life. For my Canadian friends that is 16 km. I am feeling like a rockstar. A tired, sore and hungry rockstar but a rockstar none the less. If you had told me a few months ago that I would be running 10 miles by February, I would have laughed at you. On my bucket list of things to do around 40ish, I had always said that I wanted to do a 1/2 Marathon. I guess I should be careful what I wish for because my name was pulled in the lottery for the NYC Half and well, that is what I have been training for. I am very fortunate to be training with an incredible group of women who continue to inspire and push me daily. There is always someone to run with, talk to, commiserate with and most importantly laugh with. I definitely would not be running this often and for this far without them. Thank you, my running ladies 😉

Today was an absolute perfect day for a run- sunny and cool. For me, running is mostly about the mental, if I am not careful I will psych myself out. We chose a great route today. A full loop around the park (6 miles) and then another partial loop (4 miles). My brain needed to be tricked this way- get the 6 done and then it is our easy 4 mile route home. At least that is what I kept telling myself 😉 I have to say that I really enjoyed the run today. I felt strong. I took the time to look around and enjoy the beauty of Central Park. With all the pounding on the pavement, I really feel like I am getting to know the roads and all of the little (and not so little) hills and turns. I have to admit, I am still in awe that I train in freakin’ Central Park!! I hope that feeling never goes away.

So, I am not sure yet that I LOVE running. I love how it makes me feel afterward and the sense of accomplishment. I love running with my fabulous group of ladies. I love being outdoors. I love the health benefits. I love pounding negative thoughts and stress into the pavement. Although, there WERE a few times today where I was caught up in the beat of the music, the rhythm of my own body and felt that certain high… Running we are definitely at the “I like you very much” stage, I am just not sure yet if I can commit to the “L” word.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and can find some time to do what you like/love for you!

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Oh ya, we are strong and we are doing it! I feel very fortunate to have found an amazing group of women who have formed a running group. Together we motivate each other to, put simply, get our asses out and get moving. No matter the day there are at least four other women to run with and sometimes as many as ten. It is awesome, amazing and inspiring. We are very fortunate to have Central Park as our training ground. The park and all of its own little and big challenges (Harlem hill I am looking at you!!) is a motivator itself. We are building miles and friendships together. LOVE IT! Here are some pics from our run this morning. Hope your day is spectacular, S 😉

Well, GOOD morning!

Uptown girls 😉

This path and the view never get old.

A little stretch.

Still smiling at the end 😉

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Today was a perfect day for a 7K run in Central Park. The weather was overcast, slightly windy and a bit of a drizzle. And I believe I even caught the briefest glimpse of Matt Damon at the end of my run, now THAT is motivation 😉 Hope you enjoy the pics!!

Sheep's Meadow- looking a little bare on a gray fall day!

Heading toward Columbus Circle

There is great satisfaction when you are running faster than the cars are moving 🙂

Park views

The Boathouse Restaurant

The rear view of the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

East side of the Reservoir

West side of the Reservoir

This view NEVER gets old!!

Peeking through the trees

Strong Finish!

I made it- still smiling =)

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